Terms and Conditions of HireT24Fun

T2 4Fun VW camper van self-drive hire Terms and Conditions.

We advise all hirers to purchase holiday insurance that includes cancellation, travel and breakdown cover, if they have not already done so.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited by law in all Type 2 4Fun VW Camper Hire Campers. A charge will be made by the Company where this law has been infringed.

Collection and Return

The point of collection and return of the camper is the address of the Company, unless previously agreed in writing and the appropriate additional fee paid by the hirer. Campers are supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned to the Company with the fuel tank full.

Reservations and Bookings

Reservations and bookings will only be accepted when the booking form is received by the Company either online or in the post, along with all the required documentation and the appropriate booking deposit. Booking deposits are 33% (one third) of the total hire fee for the rental hire period. The Company will notify the hirer of confirmation of the booking either by email or post, the full cost of the hire, plus any agreed extras will be detailed in the confirmation. The Company will not accept any liability for omissions not brought to its attention by the hirer within 7 days of the date of the confirmation. Transactions between the Company and the hirer may occur by email and/or the postal system. Payment of booking deposits must be made online or by telephone by credit/debit card or Paypal.


Payable only by credit/debit card or Paypal. Cheques or travellers cheques and cash cannot be accepted. Reservations are only binding after confirmation by the Company and a non-returnable deposit has been paid to the Company.

Payment of the remaining balance will be due six (6) weeks before the hire period commences.

Booking deposits are not transferable to alternative hire dates except, at the discretion of the Company, where the transfer occurs prior to Ten (10) weeks before the hire period commences and providing a camper is available for the alternative date. Should either, or both, the alternative date or a camper not be available, then the cancellation clause shall apply.

For bookings made within six (6) weeks before the hire period commences, the full rental for the period is payable on confirmation of availability and booking. Cheques will not be accepted for late bookings less than 10 days before the hire period commences

Credit or debit card details of our customers are nor stored; either electronically or on hard copy. Payments made by telephone are entered directly on to the PayPal site and are not written down or recorded in any format. Payments made by clients direct on line, either by credit/debit card or from a PayPal account are made directly to PayPal and are not recorded on our website or captured by any hardware or software associated with T2 4Fun.

Security Deposit

The hirer shall pay the Company a refundable security deposit of £500; this is not the booking deposit. The security deposit shall be paid by cash, cleared cheque or traveller’s cheque. (Credit and debit cards will shortly also be accepted).

This deposit is fully refundable on return of the vehicle to the agreed return point, on the date and time notified as the end of the hire period in the details of hire and in the same condition as it was, when the hire commenced. The toilet must be empty and the interior of the camper clean, including the cooking, eating and washing appliances and utensils.

The camper must be returned with the fuel tank full.

The security deposit will be used by the Company to cover losses, expenses or damage caused to the camper, the equipment, fixtures and fittings including damage by negligence, whilst it is in the hirers care.

The hirer accepts all responsibility for all those in the party.

Negligence includes a failure, on the part of the hirer, to carry out essential maintenance, i.e. to check and maintain the engine oil level, to check and maintain the coolant level (Water Cooled Vehicles) and to check and maintain the tyre pressures.

The hirer is responsible for damage to the windows, rear and front screen, tyres and wheels and should be aware that these items are not covered by insurance, or the CDW.

The hirer should note! The security deposit is not the excess insurance charge, which remains payable by the hirer if they have chosen not to take the Collision Damage Waiver Option. (CDW)

Excess Insurance Charge

The hirer will be responsible for paying an insurance excess of £500.00 in the event of damage to either the camper or third party property.

Collision Damage Waiver Option

The CDW is charged at £10.00 per day or part day of the hire period and will remove the requirement for the hirer to pay the insurance excess for any damage caused in a collision to the camper or to any third party property. The CDW option must be taken out at the time of booking and paid for before the hire commences. Retrospective CDW options are not possible.
The CDW option does not cover damage to the camper glass screens or windows, wheels or tyres. The hirer remains responsible for replacement or repair(s) to these items and for damage caused by negligence and failure on his part, e.g. failure to check and maintain oil level, tyre pressures etc.

The Hire Period

The hire period will range from a minimum of three (3) nights to seven (7) nights (weekly) or multiples of seven nights, as agreed at the time of booking and subject to availability.

For weekly hire the collection time is any time between 15.00 and 18.00 hrs on the Friday of the hire commencement and the return time is by 11.00 hrs on the Friday morning of the hire termination.

For long weekend hire of three nights, the collection time can be any time, by prior arrangement, between 15.00 and 18.00 hrs on the Friday of the hire commencement and the return time is by 11.00 hrs on the Monday morning of the hire termination.

For bank holiday Monday hire or 4 night long weekends, the collection time shall be as three nights hire and the return time shall be by 11.00 on the Tuesday morning of the hire termination.

Midweek hire periods shall be on the nights agreed (minimum of three) between the hirer and the Company, and the collection and return hours will be as indicated above for the main hire periods.

Late returns by the hirer will incur a surcharge of £50.00 per hour or part hour, which will be deducted from the security deposit or charged to the hirer if insufficient funds remain in the security deposit, due to other circumstances and charges having been incurred by the hirer i.e. compensation payable by the Company to the next hirer.

Where arrangements have been agreed between the Company and the hirer for campers to be delivered to and collected from the hirer, the times and dates in that agreement shall be adhered to by the hirer, failure to do so will incur the surcharges indicated above and any other costs and losses of the Company, e.g. additional journeys and waiting times etc.

The security deposit will be returned to the hirer by cheque within seven (7) working days of the end of the hire period, provided all the conditions of this agreement have been met by the hirer.

The Company reserves the right to retain the charges itemised in this agreement if the camper is not returned as specified in this agreement.

The Security Deposit. This will be repaid by refund to the hirers credit/debit card or Paypal account, depending on what means of payment used to hire the camper.

Cancellation by the Company

The Company reserves the right to cancel or refuse to hire to any person at any time. No hire agreement exists between the Company and any hirer until the security deposit has been paid and accepted and the full hire charge has been paid by the hirer.

The Company further reserves the right to refuse or cancel a hire where;

A current named driving licence is not produced, or does not comply in full with the conditions of insurance, or does not comply in full with the stated conditions of hire;

The driving licence address does not match the address of the credit/debit card registered name and address.

The driving licence and credit/debit card address do not match the address of a recent utility bill in the name of the hirer.

The hirer failing to provide the security deposit, as required, to the satisfaction of the Company.

The number of occupants of the vehicle exceeds the limit imposed by law, or the number previously disclosed by the hirer.

Hirers, not resident in the UK, fail to produce a current passport.

Cancellation by the Hirer

Cancellation within 6 weeks of the hire period commencing and for failure to collect the vehicle at the commencement of the hire period, (other than previously agreed late collections) the hirer shall forfeit all of the booking deposit and the rental paid. Any CDW and security deposit paid shall be returned to the hirer by the Company.

Cancellation within 12 to 6 weeks of the hire period commencing, the hirer shall forfeit 100% of the booking deposit paid.

Cancellation prior to 12 weeks before the hire period commencing the whole of the booking deposit shall be refunded by the Company to the hirer, less £25.00 administration fee. The Company is not responsible for any credit/debit card charges incurred by the hirer.

Early booking discounts are not refundable to the hirer in any circumstance.

Breakdowns and/or malfunction of the campervan and/or equipment after the campervan has left our control will not be a reason to abort or cancel the rental hire period or contract between us, the Company will rectify any faults as soon as possible.

Collecting and Returning the Camper

The hirer should allow approximately 1 hour each for the collection and return of the camper.

On collection of the camper by the hirer Company will explain the operation of the camper and its equipment, the inventory will be checked with the hirer and any defects noted and agreed with the hirer. An explanation of how to check fuel, oil and water levels (where applicable) will be given to the hirer and the hirer’s guidance pack handed over.

Hirers should check the oil after every 500 miles and top up if required.

The camper must be returned in the same condition as it was supplied to the hirer on collection. The Company will inspect the vehicle on return checking for damage and cleanliness.

On no account must the hirer put the camper through a car wash, submit the camper to a pressure wash or any rotary brush or similar car wash system. Rectification costs for damage to the paintwork caused by the hirer ignoring this instruction will be passed on in full to the hirer.

Mud splashes should be hosed off whilst the mud is still wet or removed with copious amounts of water and a soft sponge. A cleaning charge of £50.00 will be levied against the hirer for returning the camper in an excessively dirty condition.

The toilet must be empty and disinfected using the chemicals supplied and the interior of the camper clean, including the cooking, eating and washing appliances and utensils.

The camper must be returned with the fuel tank full. Oil and water levels will be checked with the hirer.

The tyres and wheels will be inspected for damage, along with the bodywork, bumpers mirrors and doors.

All glass will be inspected for damage, the roof light, side and rear windows and front windscreen.

The following charges will apply:

  • Topping up of engine oil, £7.50 per 250-500cl (Half Litre)
  • Filling empty or partially empty fuel tank with unleaded fuel, the current cost of a full tank, plus 15%
  • Replacing incorrect size or make of LPG cylinder £25.00 each
  • Removal of excess exterior dirt and mud £50.00
  • Interior valet, if the camper is not returned clean and fresh as detailed previously £100.00
  • Infringement of the no smoking law £100.00
  • Cleaning of the Porta Potti where it has been returned un-cleaned £50.00
  • Additional cleaning after pets have been taken £100.00 (Please see Carriage of Pets section)

Carriage of Pets

Pets are only allowed if previously agreed in writing by the Company.

Where permission has been given in writing by the Company, the hirer undertakes to comply with current law concerning the carriage of animals in transit when travelling in the camper at all times.

Pets must never be left alone and unsupervised in the camper at any time.

The hirer accepts that the cleaning and repair of damaged or torn upholstery, carpets or internal fittings will result in the loss in total of their security deposit or further charge upon the hirer if the deposit is insufficient in amount to cover the costs.

We highly recommend Barking Mad, a pet holiday company providing home from home comfort for your dog whilst you’re away.

The Hirer and Approved Drivers

The hirer undertakes to operate the vehicle/camper and the equipment contained within and outside, expressly in accordance with health and safety guidelines and instruction or operating manuals and inline with tuition provided at the commencement of the hire period by the Company.

The hirer undertakes to immediately give notice to the Company of any happening of material loss, damage to or accident in connection with the camper.

The hirer undertakes not to overload the camper.

The hire undertakes not to deface or permit to be defaced the paintwork, the body and coachwork of the camper, both interior and exterior.

The hirer undertakes to ensure that the same number, size and make of LPG cylinders as provided at the commencement of the hire period are returned with the camper.

There is a maximum of three drivers per hire.

All proposed drivers of the camper must be approved by the Company and comply with the requirements of the insurance company. Licences must be produced at the time of collection for photo-copying by the Company.

Drivers must be over the age of 25 and under the age of 70 (Drivers outside these age limits may be permitted to drive by previous application to the insurance company and payment of any additional premium, the application for these drivers must be made at least 8 weeks before the intended hire period)

All drivers must have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of two years and must produce two other separate forms of proof of identification.

Drivers must have no more than two SP30 endorsements on their licence and no other endorsements.

Payment of an additional premium may permit drivers outside the age limits and with a record/history to drive the camper, at the insurance company’s discretion. Application must be made 8 weeks prior to the intended hire period.

The hirer undertakes not to lend or hire the camper to a third party;

Not to carry more passengers than the permitted capacity of the camper;

Not to use the camper for the carriage of goods or passengers for reward;

Not to use the camper in any race, competition, rally, trial or for hire and reward;

Not to drive the camper on any non-metalled or sealed roads or to park on or drive on any beach either above or below the high tide line. The driving and parking on grassed surfaces in official and authorised campsites is excluded from this clause, the hirer remains responsible for all other clauses and is not indemnified by the Company for any damage caused to the camper by this permission;

To be responsible for the recovery of a camper that has become bogged;

Not to permit the camper to be submerged either in fresh or salt water;

Not to make any alteration or modification to the camper;

Not to tow any vehicle or trailer with the camper;

Shall not carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives, corrosive or inflammable materials;

Not to permit smoking in the camper;

Not to leave the camper unlocked and un-attended at any time;

Not to leave the vehicle unoccupied without the music centre faceplate removed and the steering lock engaged;

Never to leave the camper with the keys in the ignition or left in any door lock and will keep the camper securely locked whenever the camper is left unattended;

Shall not permit the camper to be driven by anyone other than the Company’s permitted drivers, named in the agreement;

Not to permit the camper to be driven by anyone over the UK limits for the consumption of alcohol and driving or under the influence of drugs; or to be used in any way that is in breach of their obligations under this agreement.


The hirer undertakes to take all reasonable and practicable steps to properly and safely maintain the camper including checks on;

  • The batteries;
  • The engine oil;
  • The coolant levels;
  • Tyre pressures and condition;

The hirer recognises that the Company will reimburse the hirer for expenditure for pre-authorised repairs up to the value of £40.00 that are occurred by rectification of any mechanical failure to the drive train and engine only of the camper. Provided that;

  • Receipts are produced from the previously approved repairers;
  • The damage has not been caused by the hirer or any member of his party either directly or by negligence in breach of this agreement.
  • The Company will reimburse the hirer for the cost of replacing tyres during the hire period provided that;
  • Receipts are produced from a previously approved supplier/fitter;
  • The tyre is defective and is returned to the Company for inspection;
  • The tyre manufacturer accepts liability under their warranty.
  • The hirer remains responsible for damage to tyres and wheels caused by driving off metalled roads, punctures, failure to maintain pressures, driving into or over objects that damage the tread, casing or walls of the tyre and/or distort or otherwise damage the wheel.
  • The hirer accepts that he will be liable for any costs resulting out of or associated with the use of or filling up with the incorrect fuel.


The hirer indemnifies the Company at any time after the signing and surviving termination of this agreement, against any claim (including claims by your employees) in respect of any loss, injury or damage sustained as a result of use of the camper, or as a result of any defect in the camper, or otherwise howsoever caused except for death or injury caused by our negligence and remaining subject always to the laws regarding Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

The hirer indemnifies the Company in respect of any fines, fixed penalties, taxes, tolls and excess charges incurred at any time during the hire period.


Under this agreement the camper does not become your property and the hirer does not have the permission of the Company to sell, hire, transfer or sub-rent the vehicle.


The Company may, upon breach by the hirer of any of the conditions and provisions of this agreement and to include the following clauses, but without limitation to these clauses;

The camper appears to be abandoned;

We have reason to believe the camper will not be returned on the agreed return date at the end of the hire period;

We have reason to consider that the condition of the camper is endangered and thereby the safety of the passengers is in danger;

After due notice, terminate this agreement. In the event of such termination the hiring constituted by the agreement shall determine and the hirer will no longer be in possession of the camper with our consent. The Company shall exercise its right to take possession of the camper and to recover losses and any of the hirer’s liabilities to the Company. Expenses incurred by the Company in recovering the camper and regaining possession of the camper on default of return by the hirer will be reimbursed by the hirer to the Company on demand.

Volkswagen Campervan self-drive Hire Insurance Terms & Conditions

The conditions of Insurance for hirers of T2 4Fun VW Campervan Hire are as follows:

  • Drivers must be over 25 and under 70 years of age.
  • Drivers must have held a full UK/EU license for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The driving license of each driver (Maximum three drivers per hire) must be presented at the time of collection to permit photocopies to be taken.  A credit/debit card statement must be presented that has the same registered address as the hirer driving license.  In addition, an original recent utility bill must be presented (Not a Copy) that is no more than 8 weeks old.
  • Holders of other non-EU driving licenses should check with T2 4Fun VW Camper Hire.
  • A current passport must be presented by any hirer with an non-EU driving license.
  • Drivers must have no more than 1 fault claim in the past 3 years. If more than 1 fault claim, cover may be refused or a premium required, check with T2 4Fun VW Camper Hire.
  • Drivers under the age of 25 and over 75 may be refused insurance cover, or may be asked to pay a premium.
  • Drivers with more than 2 SP 30 endorsements and any other current endorsement may be refused cover or may be asked to pay a premium.
  • All drivers will be subject to a standard £500.00 excess, this is no different to the excess most drivers have on the insurance on their own vehicle. (See CDW Option)
  • Insurance cover excludes Tyres, Wheels and Vehicle Glass (Windscreens etc.) Hirer remains responsible for damages to these items, see terms and conditions.
  • In accordance with current smoking laws, smoking is prohibited in self drive hire vehicles.
  • All Hirers must leave a returnable security deposit of £500.
  • Campers delivered to the hirer, must be delivered to the hirer’s home address that must also be the registered address for their license, credit/debit card and matching utility bill.