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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions which may save you some time. Just click on the question to see the answer.

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Can we hire a bus for the weekend?

Normally the hire is for a minimum of three nights. However, do check in case of cancellations or availability in both peak and off peak periods. Midweek hire of up to 4 days is also sometimes available.

Do we have to take the awning?

No, the awning is optional.

Can we take the camper off road?

Campers may be taken onto grassed, mown campsites but in no circumstances can they be taken onto beaches or sea-shores. It invalidates the insurance apart from the danger of salt damage to the vehicle.

Do I need a UK driving licence?

No. Our insurance covers holders of a full driving licence issued by the EU. (Including the UK) Holders of driving licenses issued outside of the EU can contact us for further advice. (An insurance premium may apply).

I’m not yet 25 years of age. Can I hire and drive?

Age range for hirer drivers covered by our insurance is age range 25-75.

However, drivers outside these can contact us, so that we may enquire from our insurers what extra premium, if any, would be required, more frequently we find that an increase in the excess is levied rather than an increase in the premium.

Please note! In this instance CDW is not available.

Friends want to join us for a few days. Are there any restrictions?

There are no restrictions other than those required for road safety I .E.

Most of our campers have seat belts for five people.

Sleeping accommodation:-
The campers
2 adults and 2 children

In the awning
An inner bedroom taking half the floor area could sleep 3 children or two adults.

In the event of visitors there is the same floor space again which is normally used as a living area.

Can I fit a child seat in my rented camper van?

Yes it is possible.

If using child seats in the rear, it is the hirers’ responsibility to ensure compatibility of the child seat.

We can advise that the britax eclipse child seat is compatible for use with lap belts. As the retro styling of the camper vans are not equipped with airbags. It is therefore possible to put a child seat in the front.

I am a smoker. Can I smoke in the camper van?

Please do not smoke anywhere inside the van or awning.

It is prohibited by law as this is a commercial vehicle; also it would be unpleasant for future hirers.

Please dispose of smoking material responsibly and carefully. Any damage to awnings/carpets and/or the need to fumigate will result in the charge of £100 each for the vehicle and awning cleansing and the cost of replacement of damaged items.

Can we pull into a lay-by and use the gas hob?

Yes, you can but do remember whenever you use the gas hob or grill; the pop top needs to be raised. (for safety and ventilation) also it’s better for your head and only takes a moment or two to do!

Can I use the electric sockets when travelling or in a lay by?

We regret that this is not possible, the 240 volt sockets will only operate when your hired camper is connected to an electric hook-up at your campsite.

Where can I go in a rented camper?

Anywhere in mainland UK.

Travel to the EU is strictly by prior agreement with T2 4Fun.

If I get tired can my wife drive?

If she was listed as a named driver at the commencement of hire, then yes. Up to three drivers is permitted, provided their details are provided at the time of hiring the camper.

What do I need for proof of identity?

The hirer needs to bring:

Originals only, copies will not suffice.

  • Your driving licence and the driving licences of all other drivers;
  • A credit/debit card or bank statement; issued within the last month, having an address that corresponds with the address on your driving licence and;
  • A recent utility bill (gas, electricity, water) with a matching address to your driving licence is also required.

What fuel should I use when hiring a camper van and what is the fuel economy?

Our camper vans have water cooled engine of 1.4 litre capacity that run on standard unleaded petrol.

The modern engines of our camper vans are also designed to run on bio-fuel (where available), ask us if you think you might be able to take advantage of this benefit.

The mileage return on fuel, providing the camper is driven within our guidelines, will be in the region of 35 miles to the gallon (imp), you will find the filler cap on the offside of the vehicle.

What is the maximum speed of a rental camper van?

Obviously we recommend that drivers do not exceed the speed limits in force on any particular road you are on, making due allowance for the prevailing weather conditions.

The modern water cooled engines are quite powerful and they will exceed the national speed limit, however, this is not beneficial to the long term maintenance of the campers, so we enforce a maximum speed of 60-65 mph on all our hired camper vans.

Our campers are fitted with real time trackers that automatically notify us should the campers exceed this limit, in addition G forces caused by excessive braking and cornering are also notified and recorded.

We recognise that most hirers’ will drive their hired camper with the care and respect that these delightful vehicles deserve.

Can I tow a trailer with my campervan on hire?

Pumpkin is equipped with a tow hitch, but you must ensure that your driving licence allows you to tow, you will need to advise us if you intend to tow a trailer in order to arrange the additional insurance cover. Extra charges may apply.

Please note! We do not supply trailers.

The maximum towing weights are un-braked trailer 600 kg, braked trailer 800 kg. Please follow this link for more information regarding the law.